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3. Perfect People 💁

  • Published: 2014-02-27T17:14:29Z
  • By Mr B 🎤
Perfect People 💁

peep the Music Video ! insta & snap me 📸👻 @mrbinspire lyrics: They say money makes the world go round But that's something that she still don't know now Let me tell you about this girl Daddy's princess in a fairytale world She's got tight jeans, high heels, and blonde hair Hanging in the clubs though she don't belong there She was in the clubs when she was still a teen Under 21 with a fake ID She wants the things she doesn't need She's S-P-O-I-L-E-D She believes that money makes her happy And if she runs out then she runs to daddy Born in the Valley, lives in Cali 16th birthday she got a new Audi She lays outside working on her tan Every weekend she's got a different man It goes manicure, pedicure, and then a massage Always on the go, no time to pause But no matter how much life she enjoys She still dreams of the perfect boy 
Chorus Never had a job, never had it hard She goes shopping with her dad's credit card She hits the mall and buys it all She loves money, boys, and alcohol She's skinny and pretty and from the city But this chick is dumb-dumb-ditty For all her life she could buy anything But for all her life she was living a dream Now you can fantasize about the perfect male But perfect people are not for sale It's a fantasy that's stupid to wish Because perfect people do not exist.

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4. Skippa Da Flippa - Mr Perfect ft. Quavo (

  • Published: 2016-04-08T23:07:32Z
  • By Bryson
Skippa Da Flippa - Mr Perfect ft. Quavo (

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5. Nga Mr perfect.

Nga Mr perfect.

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7. Mr. Perfect (Prod. by DTB)

  • Published: 2015-12-17T03:28:03Z
  • By Samaria
Mr. Perfect (Prod. by DTB)

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8. Gucci Mane - Mr. Perfect

Gucci Mane - Mr. Perfect


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